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Re: ITS#4656 OpenLDAP accesslog overlay using "changelog dialect"

   I have not been paying attention to these changes since Ando was working 
on them. You'll have to ask him for their update status.

Since you've already posted a query to the ITS, I think that would be the 
appropriate place to continue the conversation.

Looking over the ITS just now, I would say the tweak to register the 
changelog overlay type is unnecessary. Nor can you fairly deprecate the 
LogStyle parameter, since that appears to be the only way to invoke the 
SunOne workaround.

All in all I understand your motivations for pursuing this feature. Despite 
my dislike for broken specs and broken code, I will not prevent this patch 
from going in. But you should realize that wrong is wrong, and just because 
Novell, Sun, and Oracle software is broken doesn't mean we should be broken 
too. There are other IdM packages out there.

Rieger, Sebastian wrote:
> Hi,
> I submitted a patch to update the old overlay of Neil Dunbar to OpenLDAP
> 2.3. It works for our identity management (using Novell IDM 3.01) - see
> ITS#4685. As my patch needs cleanup to get into OpenLDAP HEAD I would like
> to ask, wether the patch to your accesslog that offers changelog
> functionality (ITS#4656) is likely to be committed to CVS HEAD in the near
> future. In this case I won't maintain a separate overlay. Thanks in advance
> for a quick reply, we really need changelog functionality as Novell, Sun and
> Oracle seem to depend on it.
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