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Re: (ITS#4817) modify "replace" command firing conflict error where it shouldn't be

Are you by any chance using slapadd -q? As noted in the documentation, that 
turns off a lot of consistency checks. One of the things it turns off is the 
input sorting, because you're only supposed to feed valid LDIF to slapadd -q.

daniel@ncsu.edu wrote:
>> daniel@ncsu.edu wrote:
>>> Hi Howard!  As much as I hate to say this, it did not solve the problem
>>> I
>>> was running into.  =(  I rebuilt openldap with the entry.c patch and
>>> rebuilt the LDAP database from scratch (pulling from sources and using
>>> slapadd).  Then I ran the following statement via ldapmodify (as always,
>>> XXX'd out sensitive info):
>> The slapcat output you provide shows that the attribute was already
>> slapadded
>> incorrectly. Please provide the "pulling from sources" input you used with
>> slapadd for this entry.

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