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Re: (ITS#4817) modify "replace" command firing conflict error where it shouldn't be

Hi Howard!  As much as I hate to say this, it did not solve the problem I
was running into.  =(  I rebuilt openldap with the entry.c patch and
rebuilt the LDAP database from scratch (pulling from sources and using
slapadd).  Then I ran the following statement via ldapmodify (as always,
XXX'd out sensitive info):

dn: uid=XXX,ou=students,ou=people,dc=ncsu,dc=edu
changetype: modify
replace: ou
ou: Political Science - Int Politics Conc
ou: B A - History
replace: ncsucurriculumcode
ncsucurriculumcode: LIP
ncsucurriculumcode: LAH

And I get:

modifying entry "uid=XXX,ou=students,ou=people,dc=ncsu,dc=edu"
ldap_modify: Type or value exists (20)
        additional info: modify/replace: ou: value #1 already exists
(and again, I can 'fix' it by doing a delete: ou and then redoing the
replace; ncsucurriculumcode fails in exactly the same way; after deleting
and redoing the replace, i can replace the ou over and over and over again
with the same data and it's fine every time from then on)

Entry as it stood before running that statement was (as produced by slapcat):

dn: uid=XXX,ou=students,ou=people,dc=ncsu,dc=edu
objectClass: person
objectClass: inetOrgPerson
objectClass: ncsuPerson
uid: XXX
cn: xxx
sn: XXX
title: Sophomore
ncsuTwoPartName: XXX
organizationalStatus: registered
o: NC State University
givenName: XXX
ncsuMiddleName: XXX
initials: XXX
displayName: XXX
ncsuAltDisplayName: XXX
ncsuCampusID: XXX
ncsuClassCode: SO
ou: Political Science - Int Politics Conc
ncsuCurriculumCode: LIP
ou: B A - History
ncsuCurriculumCode: LAH
mail: ztmiller@gmail.com
ncsuPrimaryEMail: XXX
registeredAddress: XXX
postalAddress: XXX
telephoneNumber: XXX
l: Graham
st: NC
postalCode: 27253
ncsuPrimaryRole: student
structuralObjectClass: inetOrgPerson
entryUUID: d10a18fe-4286-102b-89b0-9fbe6f44e542
creatorsName: cn=XXX,dc=ncsu,dc=edu
modifiersName: cn=xxX,dc=ncsu,dc=edu
createTimestamp: 20070127191747Z
modifyTimestamp: 20070127191747Z
entryCSN: 20070127191747Z#000014#00#000000

Note that yes, I am replacing the setting with exactly what it was before,
for testing purposes, but there's no reason that shouldn't work, correct?


> Daniel Henninger wrote:
>> RE23... ;D  Does that mean I should wait for the next minor release?  Or
>> shall I pull from CVS/SVN?  or?
> You can pull the current slapd/entry.c from CVS (use the
> tag) if you want to patch your current builds. The fix will be in 2.3.34.
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