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Re: (ITS#4758) valsort + dynlist can cause 100% cpu utilization causing slapd to become unresponsive

michael.heep@o2.com wrote:
> the following valsort + dynlist combination causes slapd to utilize 100% cpu
> time when issueing searches against parts of the DIT containing attribute-value
> pairs "created" by dynlist:
> overlay dynlist 
> dynlist-attrset                extensibleObject memberURL uniqueMember 
> overlay valsort 
> valsort-attr uniqueMember dc=o2online,dc=de alpha-ascend
> When run independent both overlays work flawlessly.
A bug (ITS#4801) was recently fixed in slapo-dynlist(5) which appeared 
in conjunction with slapo-valsort(5).  The fix is available both in HEAD 
and in re23 CVS (tag OPENLDAP_REL_ENG_2_3).  The relevant change is in 
servers/slapd/overlays/dynlist.c 1.28 -> 1.29 (HEAD) or -> (re23).  Could you please check if it does any good to the 
issue you reported?

Thanks, p.

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