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Re: (ITS#4494) connections are not asynchrounous

I have patched the 2.3.20 code to make all connections non-blocking.  I
did not address referrals, and I'm sure there are other features I
overlooked as well.

Would it be helpful to see what I have done to get around the problem? 
I would be happy to send you a patch.

That's all for now,

--Larry Morris
Interlink Networsk, LLC.

On Tue, 2007-01-09 at 19:23, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
> Larry Morris wrote:
> > Your efforts are appreciated.
> >
> > Please see my additional responses inline below.
> >
> > My single-threaded application requires that multiple connection
> > attempts may be in-progress simultaneously, in conjunction with other
> > activities that need timely attention.  In other words, I need to have
> > multiple connections in non-blocking SSL_connect() at the same time,
> > with the application doing select() on all the LDAP connection sockets
> > as needed.  The fix you have provided will allow this?
> >   
> No, at a first glance it's not going to have any impact on that portion 
> of code.  I'll try to sort out if and how anything similar can be done 
> in that area.
> > What is the time-frame for this to be available in a "stable" version?
> >   
> There's no definite timeframe.  It's not going to appear in OpenLDAP 
> 2.3, since it's feature frozen and this does not represent a significant 
> bug fix, but rather a new, marginal feature.  2.4 is on its way, and 
> this code will surely be in the next 2.4 release.  Whether this will be 
> still alpha or release, I have no idea right now.
> p.
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