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Re: (ITS#4789) can't add BDB database when monitoring

hyc@symas.com wrote:
> hyc@OpenLDAP.org wrote:
>> I presume there's some kind of callback for registering new suffixes but I
>> haven't looked very hard.
> This highlights some other issues lurking in here - back-monitor 
> basically doesn't deal with dynamic configuration well at all. It 
> assumes that all databases and overlays have been fully configured by 
> the time it starts - an assumption that was valid for old-style 
> slapd.conf use, but not with back-config.
> The monitor_subsys_database_init_one() function probably needs to be 
> split into separate pieces so that database and overlay info can be set 
> up and removed incrementally.
The point is that back-monitor has no clean means to detect what 
database is serving what naming context, since it was designed way ahead 
of back-config.  So when time came to introduce monitor customization, 
the best mechanism I could find was the extended filter on the naming 
context.  This is really creating trouble. The best solution would be to 
re-design back-monitor so that the database section mimics back-config 
using X-ORDERED 'SIBLING' style (and is updated accordingly, especially 
when entry renaming will be supported by back-config).

The X-ORDERED 'SIBLING' could be used throughout back-monitor, to get 
rid of those "cn=Database X", "cn=Overlay Y" stuff and so.


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