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Re: (ITS#4780) ACL set memory leak

dhawes@vt.edu wrote:
> On Saturday 16 December 2006 08:54, ando@sys-net.it wrote:
>> dhawes@vt.edu wrote:
>>> I notice the same behavior on 2.3.27, but did not notice it with older
>>> versions such as 2.2.26.
>> I can't confirm this issue neither with HEAD nor with re23; I used
>> valgrind and the set string you posted verbatim, although I didn't use
>> slamd.  However, right now I don't see how it may be a matter of
>> concurrency.
> I notice the same behavior with 2.3.31 as well.  From my testing 2.2.30 does 
> not exhibit this behavior while 2.3.4 (and later) does.

I've also been unable to reproduce this. Can you run using valgrind or 
some other malloc tracer and get some diagnostics?

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