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Re: (ITS#4689) sladp - glibc - double free or corruption when searching translucent overlay


> OK, that's rwm not translucent.  What I suspect is that slapo-rwm(5)
> occasionally does something nasty with memory: it deletes what's passed by
> the caller and replaces it with its own massaged data.  Apparently,
> translucent is passing it a temporary Operation structure, and rwm
> modifies some of its content, but the caller, do_search() in this case,
> sees a dangling pointer because rwm freed and replaced it with a newly
> allocated one that's now leaked.
> slapo-rwm(5) in general needs some redesign; in fact, it was designed to
> act like that because at that time there was no sc_cleanup handler in
> slap_callback.

ok. so you mean that this wont be fixed any time soon? or did i
misunderstand you?

is there a workaround when using rwm with translucent?

> p.

thanks for your help.