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(ITS#4687) Feature Request: Load DB settings

Full_Name: Quanah Gibson-Mount
Version: HEAD
URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
Submission from: (NULL) (

In using OpenLDAP for these last several years, I've noticed that my main
resource contraint comes in the form of memory usage.  A large part of the slapd
process' memory usage comes (in my case) from the DB_CONFIG set_cachesize
setting.  To make my life easy, I keep this setting at the total size of my
database+indices.  However, when slapd is running (as opposed to being loaded
via slapcat), the set_cachesize setting really only needs to be
sizeof(id2entry.bdb) + overhead (10% has been the general rule of thumb). 
However, to do this means you have to:

(a) set up DB_CONFIG for loading
(b) load the database
(c) edit DB_CONFIG for running
(d) recover the database

This is slightly tedious, and gets even more complicated if you use the dbconfig
parameter in slapd.conf.

What I'd like to see, is the ability to set what the dbconfig parameters that
should be used by slapadd are in slapd.conf.  Since most sane users are going to
be using the "-q" flag to slapadd anyway, this is already going to require
database recovery.    Then people can do slapadd's with one set of DB settings,
and then when slapd starts up, it can recover the DB and update the DB_CONFIG
file.  This would require slapd to actually check settings between the existing
DB_CONFIG file and the one defined in slapd.conf however.