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Re: (ITS#4671) unable to add objectIdentifier 'olmBDBAttributes=olmDatabaseAttributes:1'

ando@sys-net.it wrote:
> Be sure you load back_monitor.la __before__ any other backend module

With the current HEAD the order is irrelevant. If back-monitor is 
completely absent, none of the schema registration is attempted. 
Otherwise, the schema registration will occur during database 
initialization, after all backend initialization is completed.

> p.
>> Howard Chu wrote:
>>> Michael Ströder wrote:
>>>> Status is set to "Test". I can't since slapd seems to seg fault (see
>>>> gdb
>>>> output below). I've updated my configure statement according to
>>>> Howard's
>>>> hints (see below).
>>> With a fresh pull from CVS it works fine here.
>> Be ensured I always use this before building HEAD and posting to
>> openldap-its:
>> cd ~/src/openldap-HEAD/ldap/;cvs up -RdP .
>> Together with 'make veryclean' this should be really fresh.
>> Or any other hints?
>> Ciao, Michael.

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