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RE: (ITS#4670) Problem with nisNetgroupTriple SYNTAX definition according to Sun support

At 12:15 PM 9/11/2006, nneul@umr.edu wrote:
>Maybe I'm not understanding something clearly... 
>I see that nisNetgroupTripleSyntax is according to
>RFC2307, and that is how it is defined in the nis.schema file from
>openldap. What I don't see is any definition of 

Section 2.4 for RFC 2307.

>If nisNetgroupTripleSyntax were a simple string value, that might be
>fine, but in the spec it is a 3 valued sequence:
>        nisNetgroupTripleSyntax ::= SEQUENCE {
>         hostname  [0] IA5String OPTIONAL,
>         username  [1] IA5String OPTIONAL,
>         domainname  [2] IA5String OPTIONAL
>        }
>How is that represented in openldap?

Using the LDAP string syntax defined in Section 2.4 of RFC 2307.

>I do see this at the top of nis.schema:

The syntax handler is built-in.

># Syntaxes are under (two new syntaxes are defined)
>#       validaters for these syntaxes are incomplete, they only
>#       implement printable string validation (which is good as the
>#       common use of these syntaxes violates the specification).
>So, here's what I'm unclear on is what the behavior of searches will be?

The attribute type is described as having no equality, no
ordering, and no substrings rules, hence equality, ordering
and substrings assertions should and do evaluate to Undefined.