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Re: (ITS#4666) -d ? says: unrecognized log level '?'

ando@sys-net.it wrote:
>> This is great, although I am not sure what the NOTE means exactly.  I 
>> assume the OpenLDAP log system is extensible, e.g., I could write an 
>> overlay that added a log subsystem named Stats3?  Or it would only be 
>> selectable with -d using a number such as 65536?
> It is.  As far as I know, pcache is the only official overlay that adds 
> a log level; however, this occurs after options parsing.  In that case, 
> we should defer handling of "-d '?'" to after backends (and overlays) 
> are initialized.  I'll leave this for later.
Should be fixed now as well.  I'm afraid in some cases, if an error 
occurs during the setup of everything, logging might not occur.  Please 


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