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Re: Enhancement: again on Netscape style changelog (ITS#4656)

I've placed a reworked patch into the ITS at 

Basically, there were a few concurrency issues when increasing the 
changeNumber plus minor cleanup.  I also renamed functions specific to 
the changelog feature prepending "changelog_" instead of "accesslog_", 
to make clear what's specific and what's not.  Finally, I started 
integrating some of the stuff that Neil Dunbar submitted as ITS#3953 
(right now, the schema and the presentation of 
{first,last}ChangeNumber.  Right now, this is optional and mimics what 
done by FDS, i.e. the numbers are published in the root DSE (which makes 
very little sense; even publishing the changeLog attribute in the root 
DSE is nonsense to me!) rather than in the suffix entry of the changelog 
itself.  Consider this a work in progress, though.

Please test. p.

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