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Re: (ITS#4663) Abandoning a bind operation?

Kurt@OpenLDAP.org wrote:
>> The proxies
I need to amend this: only back-meta may do, when the anonymous/idassert 
bind is done inside meta_back_search to de-serialize binds, and only in 
case for some reason the whole operation is terminated before a bind 
completed (e.g. because the size or the time limit were exceeded, or for 
other internal reasons).  I'm fixing this in HEAD.
>>  may occasionally send abandon when a bind does not complete in a
>> timely manner.
> This is bad practice.
>> So I guess the proper way to dispose of an asynchronous bind operation consists
>> in calling ldap_unbind(), although this sends a PDU as well...
> This is reasonable practice.

I see.  At this point (but it's rather matter for -devel) we'd likely 
need some ldap_reset() call that resets the connection but preserves all 
the initialization because the proxies really spend a lot of time 
initializing and malloc'ing stuff to set up connections, now that a 
fresh connection is used for every bind.  I'll look into something like 

Thanks, p.

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