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Re: Enhancement: again on Netscape style changelog (ITS#4656)

hyc@symas.com wrote:
> To Ando as well - be very careful with this. As noted in my accesslog 
> draft, the changelog spec has some major security weaknesses, along with 
> the rest of its shortcomings.
I think I'm aware of all those issues.  One major point for spending 
some time on this issue is that I happen to need supporting few clients 
that want to use this feature.  I'll do my best to persuade the 
implementors of those clients that supporting content synchronization 
and/or accesslog as currently implemented in OpenLDAP is way much 
better, but unfortunately I have no control on that, and it's very 
unlikely that they will, based on the usual refrain "changelog is the de 
facto standard" or things like that.


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