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Re: (ITS#3953) Enhancement - changelog module

neil.dunbar@hp.com wrote:
> A small module enhancement, which provides a searchable changelog function,
> similar
> to the SunONE legacy changelog enhancement, documented in
> draft-good-changelog-04.txt
> (obsolete).
> Nothing fancy, but it does give a semi-decent way of doing directory event
> notification
> via persisitent search.
> Tarball is in Incoming. There's a preliminary manpage in there, as well as the
> schema
> files. Where OIDs have been used, they've either been taken from the I-D, or
> from
> Hewlett-Packard's OID space for directory schema information.

I'm working at integrating the changelog feature into OpenLDAP's 
accesslog overlay, along the lines of the recently submitted ITS#4656 
contribution <http://www.openldap.org/its/?findid=4656>.  However, I 
note that your implementation doesn't quite follow the 
draft-good-ldap-changelog, it rather seems to partially follow some sort 
of Netscape/Sun/whatever implementation, including stuff like 
firstChangeNumber, lastChangeNumber, changeCSN and so, which are pretty 
undocumented anywhere, as far as I understand.  Could you provide any 
pointers to docs or so?

Thanks, p.

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