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Re: (ITS#4659) Core dump after MOD

ando@sys-net.it wrote:
> quanah@stanford.edu wrote:
>> --On Friday, September 01, 2006 1:40 AM +0200 Pierangelo Masarati 
>> <ando@sys-net.it> wrote:
>>> I note that HEAD & re24 radically differ in this area; that specific
>>> assertion does no longer exist, and the signaling to the writewaiters is
>>> much more lightweight.  Could it be related to sucking in an incomplete
>>> or inconsistent set of diffs?
>> Always possible, but I don't think so...
>> That specific assertion looks like it exists to me.
> correct, the code differs in many points, but that logic didn't change.  
> I'm trying to figure out if and how, in the close procedure for 
> connections, there's any guarantee that a pending write is definitely 
> tried and completed before actually closing, and who and if, in this 
> case, resets the value of c_writewaiter.

We found that Quanah was missing some relevant patches in daemon.c that 
would affect the servicing of a pending write. I would put this on the 
back burner until we see if the new patches resolve the issue.

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