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Re: (ITS#4644) cannon import entries with certificates because certificateExactNormalize fails

norbert+lists.openldap-bugs@burgundy.dyndns.org wrote:
> While tracing LDAPDN_rewrite I came across a "proxy" attribute type. But
> I haven't found out its purpose yet.
> Shouldn't LDAPDN_rewrite use the numeric oid and a #hex encoded value
> with unknown attribute types?
"proxy" means that slapd is proxying info on behalf of another DSA; for 
some reason, it might be desirable not to muck with data whose schema is 
unknown if transparently passing it between a remote DSA and a client.  
This feature was introduced to allow the use of slapd as a proxy with 
DSAs with unknown, broken or otherwise unavailable schema.  It should 
only be used by data handled by backends that register them as being 
proxied (back-ldap, back-meta).  See ITS#3959 for discussion.


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