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Re: (ITS#4643) please don't use hpux getpass()

deckrider@gmail.com wrote:
>> Having passwords consistently limited to 8 chars by consistently using
>> system-provided facilities may be considered a feature rather than a
>> bug;
> Within the context of ldapsearch, I don't follow that rationale.
If passwords are consistently generated thru getpass() on the same 
machine, they'll be consistent.  OpenLDAP's configure cannot obviously 
ensure cross-architecture and even cross-machine interoperability, though.

>> ac_cv_func_getpass=no
>> when running configure.
> Thanks for the tip, I didn't know this.
This is a general autoconf tip: it consistently sets constructed and 
"sanitized" shell variables, and checks for their existence before 
re-checking; so if you want to force its behavior, you can pre-set them 
(provided you use a meaningful value), like they were cached.


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