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Re: (ITS#4314) C API for paged results

The ITS seems to answer your key questions.

It says the patch (with fixes) was applied to HEAD and
was to released with 2.4.  So the latest code should be
in HEAD.  It should also be in latest 2.4 release (2alpha).


At 04:21 AM 8/16/2006, yoseph.basri@gmail.com wrote:
>Hi OpenLdap-its,
>Can i get more info about this patch, such as: what is the openLDAP
>version can be used for this patch, where is the lastest url for this
>thanks for the info
>Full_Name: Hans Leidekker
>Version: CVS
>OS: Linux
>URL: http://mirzam.it.vu.nl/patches/hans-leidekker-060108.patch
>Submission from: (NULL) (
>OpenLDAP does not provide any C API calls to encode/parse paged results
>requests/responses (RFC2696), although it supports the page control in
>the server. Augmenting the C API with such calls would fix this imbalance
>and also make porting certain client software to OpenLDAP easier.
>So here's a proposed a patch that implements the ldap_create_page_control
>and ldap_parse_page_control APIs:
>    http://mirzam.it.vu.nl/patches/hans-leidekker-060108.patch