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ReW: (ITS#4622) syncrepl operations incomplete when consumer rest arted

> I don't understand what issue you're reporting. The syncrepl consumer
> always restarts when the consumer server is stopped and restarted. What
> does REFRESH_DELETE have to do with anything?

I apologize if my explanations are misleading or may somehow seem opaque.
Let me try to clarify this issue:

I do not want to state that the consumer server itself or the syncrepl
consumer service do not restart. That works fine. The issue I am reporting
is that the syncrepl consumer restarts without recognizing that it still has
an unsynchronized database.

An example: There's a syncrepl provider with about 5,000 entries in its
database and there's a syncrepl consumer with an empty database. Having
started the consumer in syncrepl refreshAndPersist mode it will correctly
start retrieving the missing 5,000 entries (that's where the debug output on
the consumer with -d 16384 shows a REFRESH_PRESENT line and a whole lot of
LDAP_SYNC_ADD operations afterwards). Now, let us - say after around 500
entries - cleanly stop the consumer. (No problem so far.) But after starting
the consumer again it will show no sign of trying to retrieve the missing
4,500 entries (here's where the debug output shows a REFRESH_DELETE line and
that's it).
Going from here I may delete entries on the provider which are changes
passed on to and processed by the consumer - but still no sign of retrieving
the still missing entries.

I hope I could clear things up a bit.

Matthias Halbritter