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Re: (ITS#4613)

twopir@nmt.edu wrote:
> http://infohost.nmt.edu/~twopir/ldap_syncrepl_issue/ldap0_debug_creatingbrokenentry.log
> http://infohost.nmt.edu/~twopir/ldap_syncrepl_issue/ldap1_debug_creatingbrokenentry.log
> Log files of -d -1 of me creating entries that don't syncrepl. Note that
> I deleted uid=pye, leaving pye2, and then accidentally tried to add
> pye2, realized my mistake when ldapadd told me so, and then added
> uid=pye. So, there's some cruft in the logfile.
Ah, I missed this before in your slapd.conf file. The entryCSN attribute 
will only be generated if lastmod is enabled, and you have disabled it 
in your configuration.

And again, you need an eq index on entryCSN.

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