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Re: (ITS#4613)

twopir@nmt.edu wrote:
>> How were those non-working entries created? A current OpenLDAP release 
>> will always create entryUUID and entryCSN attributes for all entries. 
>> Can you obtain logs for the  operations used to create these entries?
> We create all our entries with either ldapadd/ldapmodify or Perl's
> Net::LDAP. We do not have logs of the non-working entries available, but
> I could do some experimenting with manually synchronizing my testbed
> servers.

Well, it's pretty much impossible for normal LDAP requests to cause 
entries to be created without these operational attributes, in a normal 
configuration. What else is configured on these databases? Perhaps we 
should look at the complete provider's slapd.conf.

Was the database converted from an earlier release of OpenLDAP?

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