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Re: (ITS#4613)

thras@nmt.edu wrote:
> A slapcat of the provider gives us an output with entryUUID, entryCSN, 
> and contextCSN fields for the working entries. (The working entries are 
> entries that we can modify and see those results propagate on to the 
> consumer.) The non-working entries -- entries that were added after the 
> last manual sync of the databases -- do not have entryUUID, entryCSN, or 
> contextCSN fields in the slapcat. These entries sit on the provider 
> without propagating (and give the "empty syncUUID" in the consumer logs).
How were those non-working entries created? A current OpenLDAP release 
will always create entryUUID and entryCSN attributes for all entries. 
Can you obtain logs for the  operations used to create these entries?

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