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Re: (ITS#4604) backs-sql: backsql_process_filter(): invalid filter for UTF-8 querys

Dear Pieranelo,

regarding http://student.physik.uni-mainz.de/~reiffert/back_sql.txt

On Sat, 1 Jul 2006, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:

> back-sql acts as a "dumb" backend to a generic RDBMS; LDAP requires UTF8
> for directory strings,

Jul  1 09:51:10 hell slapd[25812]:     filter: 

isn't that in the exact right way it has to be?

If not, how has it to look like at this place so that

the answer is not:

Jul  1 09:51:10 hell slapd[25812]: backsql_process_filter(): invalid 

> while the RDBMS uses whatever instructed to.  You
> need to make sure appropriate conversion occurs in between.  Back-sql
> does not provide any means to convert strings to/from another character
> set.  A patch that consistently enables translitteration from UTF8 to
> whatever charset is used in the RDBMS for a given data type is welcome,
> provided it complies with the license and other contribution criteria of
> OpenLDAP software.

If I'd understand you better, I probably will start finding a workaround
to enhance openldap getting around that nasty thing!

Kind regards
Thomas Reifferscheid