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(ITS#4601) 20 second delay in ldap_initialize on FreeBSD

Full_Name: Laurens Blankers
Version: 2.3.24
OS: FreeBSD 6.1
Submission from: (NULL) (

I'm experiencing a 20 second delay in programs that access my OpenLDAP directory
using the openldap library including courier-authlib and nss_ldap. 

I have tracked down the problem to the ldap_initialize in the openldap library.
The first time this function is called it takes exactly 20 seconds to return.
After this delay the connection is established successfully using the output
from ldap_initialize. The second time ldap_initialize is called within the same
process it seems to return immediately. During the 20 seconds there is not
network activity.

Needless to say this problem is slightly annoying because it result in a 20
second wait after every login.

I am not that experienced with C, but if necessary I should be able to add some
debugging output to the code and recompile the library, in order to narrow down
the problem, if someone points out where I have to look.

I hope you can help me find the problem soon.

Kind regards,