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Re: (ITS#4589) syncrepl DELs sometimes don't propagate

pratt@cs.utk.edu wrote:
> richton@nbcs.rutgers.edu wrote:
>> Something not quite right with session log or nonpresent list or.......
>> Pretty much the same as the last time I played the syncrepl game, except this
>> time instead of entries missing from the slave, there are excessive entries on
>> the slave.
> Yes, I can reproduce this problem as well. At a cursory glance it
> appears to be a sessionlog issue as the problem disappears if I disable
> the sessionlog. Can provide additional info if needed.
I've been able to reproduce this problem with an optimized build, 
setting syncprov-sessionlog 2. In this case, single deletes after the 
first don't get sent by syncprov. However, with a non-optimized debug 
build, the problem doesn't occur. I may have a buggy optimizer here (gcc 
4.0.2). What compiler versions are you using, and can you try with a 
non-optimized syncprov overlay?

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