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Re: (ITS#4590) fix ldap_abandon{,ext} man page to match current reality

On Tue, 2006-06-13 at 19:55 +0000, fenlason@redhat.com wrote:

> I got fed up with the man pages not describing which functions are deprecated in
> 2.3.24, so I fixed up the first one I came across, ldap_abandon(3).  If you like
> it, I can do the rest of the man pages.

I suggest removing ldap_result() from the "SEE ALSO" section, as
ldap_abandon*() does not imply a response.  I'd add a reference to
ldap_cancel*() instead, as the cancel exop is a replacement for abandon
that implies a return code.  ldap_cancel*() itself might need a separate
man page, but a link to ldap_abandon*() could suffice, as they have
similar purposes.

I like the idea of having man pages updated, thanks.


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