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Re: (ITS#4588) ./scripts/test007-replication failed (exit 49)

> Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
>> Did you reconfigure?
> Yes, I think so.
> My build script starts with 'make veryclean' followed by './configure'.

OK.  First of all, I confirm that I cannot reproduce; I rebuilt from
scratch bothj with all static and with all dynamic backends and overlays
and in both cases things work fine.  Moreover, I note that the error you
see is 49 (invalidCredentials).  This means that something went wrong in
identity assertion inside slapo-chain while chasing the referral returned
by the slave in reaction to a modification.  It would be interesting to
see your (server, slave) logs, if you can provide them somewhere (e.g.
zipped to the ftp site or in a location of your convenience).


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