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Re: (ITS#4571) LDAP Crashes within minutes

> Full_Name: Mark Vinten
> Version: Unsure
> OS: Windows 2003
> URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
> Submission from: (NULL) (
> OpenLDAP is being distributed as part of the Merak Mail System.  I have
> spoken
> briefly with them but their only suggestion was to monitor network
> traffic.  The
> problem I am seeing is a memory access failure 0x00000010 (I think that's
> the
> right amount of zeros).
> I have tried both rebuilding the database and reinstalling but neither
> have made
> a difference.  The problem is that it does not occur with any regularity.
> Some
> times it will occur repeatedly.  Sometimes it can take days.

I suggest you contact the distributor or anyone who provided you with that
software to find out about the version; then, unless it's an obsolete
version (anything earlier than OpenLDAP 2.3) you should figure out a means
to determine where the code is failing.  Personally, I have no idea of how
to do that for Windows 2003 (or any other flavor of Windows).  Then we can
start talking about the issue you see.  As far as I know, the OpenLDAP
Project does not provide support for software that is not built from
scratch, unless you can show clear evidence of a bug in the software.

In any case, even if it's a bug and ikt gets fixed, you'll need the
software distributor to provide you a version that incorporates the fix.


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