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Re: Segmentation fault with a lot of Bind/unbind

> I use the slapd server with our own backend.

In addition to Kurt's suggestion, if the reason you don't upgrade is
because you're using a custom backend, I suggest you upgrade the OpenLDAP
version you're using to 2.3 __AND__ upgrade your backend.  In modern
versions of OpenLDAP there is much more room and support for
customization, and you might end up with the need for much less
customization than writing an entire backend (run-time loadable modules,
overlays, SLAPI and more).

There might even already be custom code (either built-in or contrib) that
does what you need in much better a way than you could with OpenLDAP 1.X. 
If you need dedicated support, you can hire some professional with a
better knowledge of modern OpenLDAP internals.

See <http://www.openldap.org/support/> for a list of worldwide
professional supporters of OpenLDAP.


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