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Re: (ITS#4514) deltasyncrepl logpurge bug

Howard Chu wrote:
> Yes, there's a bug in the parser; it's supposed to accept 1-5 digits 
> for the days field but it only accepts exactly two digits. This is 
> already fixed in CVS HEAD. (Also see ITS#4505 for a related parsing bug.)
> The relevant patches are in overlays/accesslog.c revs 1.38-1.40 and 
> 1.44.  Unfortunately some new features have also been added in which 
> probably won't work in a 2.3 tree so you can't just use the latest 
> HEAD version now.

And one more - liblutil/utils.c rev 1.36, to fix an issue with the 
reqStart equality index not getting generated. (That will break purging 
if you indexed reqStart.)

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