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Re: (ITS#4496) Broken DN normalization of "cn=\20a"

Kurt D. Zeilenga writes:
> >DN: <cn=\20a> check succeeded
> >normalized: <cn=a>                   <<<< The space is missing.
> >pretty:     <cn=\20a>
> " a" and "a" are equal per CN's equality matching rule.   We
> choose "a" as the normalized form.

Ah, of course.

I knew normalization preserves case, I don't know what else it
preserves.  Is it documented somewhere?
And what prettification does, for that matter?

> Now the pretty form looks odd to me.  I would have expected
> it to be <cn=a> as well.

No, the pretty form preserves the value as well as the
equality match, doesn't it?