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Re: (ITS#4473) never ending test008

I see slapd(8) going idle with many slapd-bind processes stuck:

#0  0x28219340 in poll () from /usr/lib/libc.so.4
#1  0x8057b2f in ldap_pvt_connect (ld=0x8078000, s=3, sin=0x8077160, 
    addrlen=28, async=0) at os-ip.c:268
#2  0x8057dcd in ldap_connect_to_host (ld=0x8078000, sb=0x80740c0, proto=1, 
    host=0x80750e0 "localhost", port=9011, async=0) at os-ip.c:475
#3  0x804bca8 in ldap_int_open_connection (ld=0x8078000, conn=0x80770c0, 
    srv=0x8077080, async=0) at open.c:275
#4  0x8056014 in ldap_new_connection (ld=0x8078000, srvlist=0x8077080, 
    use_ldsb=1, connect=1, bind=0x0) at request.c:336
#5  0x804b804 in ldap_open_defconn (ld=0x8078000) at open.c:40
#6  0x8055b91 in ldap_send_initial_request (ld=0x8078000, msgtype=96, 
    dn=0x8076000 "cn=Barbara Jensen,ou=Information Technology Division,ou=People,dc=example,dc=com", ber=0x8077040, msgid=1) at request.c:102
#7  0x804f104 in ldap_sasl_bind (ld=0x8078000, 
    dn=0x8076000 "cn=Barbara Jensen,ou=Information Technology Division,ou=People,dc=example,dc=com", mechanism=0x0, cred=0xbfbff13c, sctrls=0x0, cctrls=0x0, 
    msgidp=0xbfbff06c) at sasl.c:153
#8  0x804f1a2 in ldap_sasl_bind_s (ld=0x8078000, 
    dn=0x8076000 "cn=Barbara Jensen,ou=Information Technology Division,ou=People,dc=example,dc=com", mechanism=0x0, cred=0xbfbff13c, sctrls=0x0, cctrls=0x0, 
    servercredp=0x0) at sasl.c:187
#9  0x804af63 in do_bind (uri=0x8073480 "ldap://localhost:9011";, 
    dn=0x8076000 "cn=Barbara Jensen,ou=Information Technology Division,ou=People,dc=example,dc=com", pass=0xbfbff13c, maxloop=1000, force=0, chaserefs=0, 
    noinit=0, ldp=0x0) at slapd-bind.c:215
#10 0x804ae9f in main (argc=13, argv=0xbfbff1a0) at slapd-bind.c:178

At 04:22 PM 4/4/2006, ando@sys-net.it wrote:
>On Tue, 2006-04-04 at 23:05 +0000, kurt@OpenLDAP.org wrote:
>> In recent HEAD, test008 fails to complete within a reasonable amount of time.
>> At present, not clear whether this is simply due to test008 doing more than
>> it use to, due to recent changes to the test code, or due to recent changes in
>> the server.  Current RE23 is fine.
>should be related to recent changes I made in test tools; basically,
>write tools are run as many times as required by the related
>configuration files, while read tools are run the max between the
>related configuration files and the number of children requested with -
>j.  In some cases, this results in extra reads.  The rationale is to
>allow very heavy testing by using -j 250 and just a few lines in
>do_search.*.  It is not clear if and why test008 is so heavily affected
>by this change; I didn't notice much difference.
>Basically, maxkids is 20; do_search.0 contains 6 searches, do_read.0
>contains 5 searches, do_bind.0 (HEAD only) contains 3 DNs; the above
>change roughly results in 3 times the searches and 4 times the reads
>present in re23, and 20 bind loops that were not present in re23.
>SLAPD_DEBUG=0 time ./run test008
>8.81user 7.69system 0:23.40elapsed 70%CPU (0avgtext+0avgdata
>0inputs+0outputs (14major+77735minor)pagefaults 0swaps
>SLAPD_DEBUG=0 time ./run test008
>0.58user 0.46system 0:11.18elapsed 9%CPU (0avgtext+0avgdata
>0inputs+0outputs (15major+16793minor)pagefaults 0swaps
>Note that in HEAD the slapd-bind tool has been added, which introduces
>some extra load...
>If this sounds unreasonable, I can add a special option arg (e.g. -J) to
>implement that functionality.
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