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Re: (ITS#4429) (back-ldap?) slapd deadlock

> What is the TLS-related configuration of back-ldap, and what is the
> exact sequence of operations you make?

database ldap
suffix "dc=rutgers,dc=edu"
uri ldap://ldap.nbcs.rutgers.edu
tls propagate
conn-ttl 30

This is highly intermittent. My conn-ttl was 30 for quick reproduction and
there's a watchdog set to 60sec doing SEARCHes, and it doesn't
consistently fail. The log I have with shortest time to failure had err=52
on conn=12; I've got other logs with conn=22, 24, and 51. So running it
twice is unlikely to trigger; I'd sooner wonder about setting up a
test036-style beating?

To precisely answer "exact sequence of operations" please see
https://www.nbcs.rutgers.edu/~richton/its4429.log15283. I'd highlight as
interesting areas where you see err=52 and err=53.