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Re: (ITS#4441) Usage of mutex in OpenLDAP (design question)

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> I was happy to see that the ld_conn_mutex destroy patch (ITS #4441)
> gets committed.  However, I think the implementation there looks
> quite weird, as the mutexes were initialized by ldap_create() (called
> by ldap_init) were destroyed in ldap_unbind, which makes it into
> a very sad state where we can not ldap_bind() again without ldap_init().
> I think the mutex initialization should be either pushed down into
> ldap_bind() (which does initialization, etc., using a global mutex),
> or the mutex uninitialization should be separated into another
> thread-safe-specific function, e.g. ldap_fini() or so.  What do
> you think about this issue?

This discussion seems to belong to OpenLDAP-software, as it discusses API
usage (and, occasionally, API redesign).

You seem to be misguided by the function names (which is unhappy) into
believing that ldap_unbind() is the reverse of ldap_bind(); actually, it
is the reverse of ldap_init[ialize]().  If you need to re-bind on an
existing connection you don't need to ldap_unbind(); a bind operation
implicitly brings the connection back to anonymous state before starting,
and requires no further operations to be pending on that connection.


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