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Re: (ITS#4443) ldapsearch for dyngroup members does not work

> Issueing the following ldapsearch I'd expect it to both group entries:
> ldapsearch -b "ou=Tomcat_Roles,dc=o2online,dc=de" -D "<rootdn>" -H
> ldap://<ip>
> -WxZZLLL "(uniqueMember=uid=root,ou=tomcat_users,dc=o2online,dc=de)"

Your expectation is incorrect, since your search uses a base which differs
from the DN of the dynamic group.  Dynamic group expansion occurs when a
dynamic group is being returned by a search, so it occurs __after__ a
filter is applied, and your filter cannot match the dynamic object
__before__ expansion.  Either you filter for data that is statically in
the dynamic object, or access it by DN doing a base search.


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