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Re: (ITS#4437) Removing small memory leak in ldap_initialize

> Full_Name: Gregory Ogonowski
> Version: 2.3.6
> OS: GNU/Linux (Mandriva 2006)
> URL:
> Submission from: (NULL) (


> It seems that the 18 missing bytes are still reachable. Can you tell
> me how? There was another small leak on ldap_int_hostname but i could
> easily (and cleanly ?) solve this by freeing ldap_int_hostname.
> I known that this is a really small problem, this won't make my
> application crash, but i would like to solve it. This is long to
> explain but it would help me for another program.

One solution would be to upgrade to a more recent version that already
fixed this problem.  Note that mucking with internals of the library, like
ldap_int_hostname (_int_ stands for internal, i.e. not publicly
accessible) in general is a bad idea.


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