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(ITS#4436) Freeing invalid pointer - GLIBC 2.4

Full_Name: Jiri Netolicky
Version: 2.2.28-r4
OS: Gentoo 2006.0
Submission from: (NULL) (

To day I have upgraded GLIBC into 2.4 version. All ldap client utils stops work.
Glibc wrote message like:
*** glibc detected *** ldapmodify: munmap_chunk(): invalid pointer: 0xbfc11582

I am using param SASL_AUTHCID in my .ldaprc. The problem is in init.c line 556.
There is fill

gopts->ldo_def_sasl_authcid = user

where the user is DIRECTLY from getenv("USER").

After that when is readed .ldaprc in function openldap_ldap_init_w_conf, the
sasl_authcid is freed when it's not null. But freeing strings from getenv seems
to be checked in new version of GLIBC.
I think the best solution will be make a copy of user name like this:

gopts->ldo_def_sasl_authcid = LDAP_STRDUP(user);

After this small patch works everything fine.

--- openldap-2.2.28/libraries/libldap/init.c    2005-01-20 18:01:01.000000000
+++ openldap-2.2.28-patch/libraries/libldap/init.c      2006-03-14
17:17:13.000000000 +0100
@@ -553,7 +553,7 @@
                if( user == NULL ) user = getenv("LOGNAME");
                if( user != NULL ) {
-                       gopts->ldo_def_sasl_authcid = user;
+                       gopts->ldo_def_sasl_authcid = LDAP_STRDUP(user);