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Re: (ITS#4398) enhancement request slapo-unique

At 02:35 AM 3/3/2006, icoupeau@unav.es wrote:
>Sorry for my dullness.
>I hope this time all goes fine. Now (I think so) provides
>all appropriate rights statement.

Unforunately, you now provided too much.  You included TWO
conflicting rights statement.  In one, you release your
modifications to the public domain.  In another, you
indicate you maintain copyright in your modifications.
Please resubmit with only one rights statement.

Thanks, Kurt

>Thanks for your patience, Kurt.
>Available at:
>Dr. Ignacio Coupeau
>Systems Director                icoupeau@unav.es
>IT Services                     http://www.unav.es/SI/
>University of Navarra
>Pamplona, SPAIN