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Re: (ITS#4420) Hanging CLOSE_WAIT connections in ldap-backend

I have no clear idea as per why this happens; back-ldap refreshes
connections when a LDAP_SERVER_DOWN is returned; the fact that your logs
report a LDAP_UNAVAILABLE (52), which is exactly the ldap response code
mapping of the client library error LDAP_SERVER_DOWN, seems to indicate
that the error is detected correctly, but connection refresh for some
reason doesn't occur.  I note that the correct handling of these
conditions, as far as they can be reproduced, is routinely tested
(partly in the test suite, partly in a private test suite that we
routinely run at SysNet), so I'm positive the software is working as
intended.  It would be of interest to trace a bit more what's happening.
To do that, you could add "args" and "trace" to the log level when the
problem occurs.  You can do that via the cn=config or the cn=monitor
interface without restarting the server; or, if you can live with very
verbose log for 30 min, you can start slapd with that log level.


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