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Re: (ITS#4411) ldapsearch hangs with proxyCache

daveh@ci.com.au wrote:
> More info:
> When replacing "directory /var/tmp/AdminViewCache" with 
> "proxycache-directory /var/tmp/AdminViewCache", the search no longer 
> hangs, but neither are the BDB files getting created...
> Would this mean that:
> a) the original configuration was wrong, and
> b) the BDB files are only created when results can be cached, therefore
> c) my caching directives are incorrect for the searches I'm performing
You're indexing a lot more attributes than you actually list in the 
proxytemplate. If attributes aren't used in a filter, there is no reason 
to index them.

I note that the backtrace you sent shows BerkeleyDB stuck trying to 
acquire a lock in the cursor close function. The db_stat output you sent 
doesn't include your /var/tmp/AdminViewCache status though, so it 
provides nothing relevant to the current situation.

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