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Re: (ITS#4398) enhancement request slapo-unique

I just done a patch for the support of several subtrees.
I'd been reading the code but the filter solution seems the hardest. The 
multiple base is more simple and user friendly.

As the ftp.openldap.org server reports no left space in the device, I 
published the paches for the 2.3.19.


I included these lines:

   Support for several subtrees

   - unique_base may be: only one subtree, none the default base,
     several subtress
   - the uniqueness is checked in every individual subtree
   - the list of subtrees are implemneted as a list of unique_base
   - unique_search() requires a new parameter, the target dn
   - the target dn is provided in the dnIsSuffix loops in the
     unique_add|modify|modrdn functions
   - the memory are initialized and released

   This patch file is derived from OpenLDAP Software.
   All of the modifications to OpenLDAP Software represented in the
   following patche were developed by
   Ignacio Coupeau, 2006/02/22, icoupeau@unav.es



Dr. Ignacio Coupeau
Systems Director                icoupeau@unav.es
IT Services                     http://www.unav.es/SI/
University of Navarra
Pamplona, SPAIN