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Re: (ITS#4413) SyncReplication and multiple Backends

Actually I did have a look at ITS#4323, but a I was not using glue, I 
thougt it would be a good idea, to file a bug report. If the bug report 
is based on the same code, the it will be closed by the developers! In 
ITS#4323 the talk was about the sequence of the overlays. I only have 
one overlay and the problem seems to lie in the syncprovo overlay 
(viewed from the outside as a user of the software).

Thank you for the pointer!

Kind regards, Michael

Kevin Spicer wrote:

>Have you looked at ITS#4323?  I note that you are also trying to
>replicate glued databases.  Your symptoms look very much like the
>problems I was seeing there.
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