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Re: (ITS#4413) SyncReplication and multiple Backends

>>Actually I did have a look at ITS#4323, but a I was not using glue
>You are joining databases together using 'subordinate' directives in
>slapd.conf, therefore you are using glue (even though you don't
>explicitly specify it).  Although the glue overlay was rolled back into
>slapd the directive is still used to specify whether glue happens before
>or after other overlays are applied.  The fix for your problem should be
>to specify syncprov before glue (so that syncprov is constrained to a
>single real database) however this does not work, this is what #4323 is
Ah! Thank you for explaining this :-)

I therefor shuggest to close this ITS! I didn't see a way to do this myself.

Kind regards, Michael