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Re: (ITS#4394) Fix Segfault in auditlog.c

Gerald Richter wrote:
>>> Nevertheless the audit log shows deletion for all attributes of the
>>> entry, followed by replace operation with the current values for all
>>> attributes of entry. Maybe this is what you mean.
>> Yes. I recently encountered this same problem in another section of
>> modify.c. Please try the patch I've committed to CVS HEAD, it should
>> work correctly.
> I have taken modiy.c from HEAD, but it looks the same. Here is the log from 
> the consumer:

I meant to test my patch to auditlog.c from HEAD. The change I referred 
to in modify.c has no bearing on the crash you reported in this ITS, I 
only mentioned it because it was a similar circumstance with its own 
similar fix. Sorry for the confusion.

> This operation, should only replace attributes, but not delete any. On the 
> master I only see the "bdb_modify_internal: replace", but no delete.
This is normal for the consumer.

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