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RE: (ITS#4394) Fix Segfault in auditlog.c

> Thanks for the bug report. I believe the actual bug is that 
> in the modify case it needs to check that the mod op is 
> actually an Add (or
> Replace) and not a Delete. Syncrepl would never replicate an 
> empty ModifiersName in the add case.

I don't know the OpenLDAP code deep enough to comment on this, the only
thing I can say, is that the case where it first happened for me, was that
there was one outstanding modification on the master, when I first started
the slapd consumer with auditlog enabled and it crashed while it tried to
log this modification. I am really sure there was no deletetion of an entry
or an attribute during this operation.

Nevertheless the audit log shows deletion for all attributes of the entry,
followed by replace operation with the current values for all attributes of
entry. Maybe this is what you mean.

Additionals hints are, that I have disabled Sessionlog on the provider,
because I had problemes synchronising bursts of modification (this is
another issue, that I need to look deeper at) and I am currently testing the
replication with rootdn as replication user.


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