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(ITS#4371) ldapsearch man page

Full_Name: Eric Irrgang
Version: 2.3.18
OS: n/a
URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
Submission from: (NULL) (

Here is a partial patch where I've tried to make doc/man/man1/ldapsearch.1 a
little more internally consistent and add in some useful info from the
ldapsearch.c source and from tools/clients/common.c

Still possibly in need of revision are -T and -F.  If I understood them
correctly, they seem a bit redundant and confusing, but the documentation ought
to follow functionality in this case.  Also the trailing slash on urlpre /
def_urlpre in ldapsearch.c muddles matters.  Maybe urlize should strip redundant
trailing slashes?

I wasn't sure whether some of the options inherited from clients/tools/common.c
were applicable to all clients and figure that an ldaptools(1) man page might
eventually exist to catch things like -k|K, -c, -C, etc.

--- doc/man/man1/ldapsearch.1   Tue Jan 24 11:14:23 2006
+++ doc/man/man1/ldapsearch.1       Tue Jan 24 17:09:27 2006
@@ -13,8 +13,12 @@
 .BR \-v ]
-.BR \-t ]
+.BR \-t[t] ]
+.BI \-T \ path\fR]
+.BI \-F \ prefix\fR]
 .BR \-A ]
 .BR \-L[L[L]] ]
@@ -21,10 +25,14 @@
 .BR \-M[M] ]
+.BI \-S \ attribute\fR]
 .BI \-d \ debuglevel\fR]
 .BI \-f \ file\fR]
+.BR \-x ]
 .BI \-D \ binddn\fR]
 .BR \-W ]
@@ -39,8 +47,6 @@
 .BI \-p \ ldapport\fR]
-.BI \-P \ 2\fR\||\|\fI3\fR]
 .BI \-b \ searchbase\fR]
 .BI \-s \ base\fR\||\|\fIone\fR\||\|\fIsub\fR\||\|\fIchildren\fR]
@@ -47,6 +53,12 @@
 .BI \-a \ never\fR\||\|\fIalways\fR\||\|\fIsearch\fR\||\|\fIfind\fR]
+.BI \-P \ 2\fR\||\|\fI3\fR]
+.BR \-e \ [!]ext[=extparam]]
+.BR \-E \ [!]ext[=extparam]]
 .BI \-l \ timelimit\fR]
 .BI \-z \ sizelimit\fR]
@@ -61,8 +73,6 @@
 .BI \-R \ realm\fR]
-.BR \-x ]
 .BI \-X \ authzid\fR]
 .BI \-Y \ mech\fR]
@@ -102,11 +112,20 @@
 .B \-v
 Run in verbose mode, with many diagnostics written to standard output.
-.B \-t
-Write retrieved non-printable values to a set of temporary files.  This
-is useful for dealing with values containing non-character data such as
-jpegPhoto or audio.
+.B \-t[t]
+A single -t writes retrieved non-printable values to a set of temporary
+files.  This is useful for dealing with values containing non-character
+data such as jpegPhoto or audio. A second -t writes all retrieved values to
+.BI \-T \ path
+Write temporary files to directory specified by \fIpath\fP (default:
+.BI \-F \ prefix
+URL prefix for temporary files.  Default is file://\fIpath\fP/ where
+\fIpath\fP is /var/tmp/ or specified with -T.
 .B \-A
 Retrieve attributes only (no values).  This is useful when you just want to
 see if an attribute is present in an entry and are not interested in the
@@ -211,6 +230,35 @@
 .BI \-P \ 2\fR\||\|\fI3
 Specify the LDAP protocol version to use.
+.B \-e \fI[!]ext[=extparam]\fP
+.B \-E \fI[!]ext[=extparam]\fP
+Specify general extensions with -e and search extensions with -E.
+\'!\' indicates criticality.
+General extensions:
+  [!]assert=<filter>   (an RFC 2254 Filter)
+  [!]authzid=<authzid> ("dn:<dn>" or "u:<user>")
+  [!]manageDSAit
+  [!]noop
+  ppolicy
+  [!]postread[=<attrs>]        (a comma-separated attribute list)
+  [!]preread[=<attrs>] (a comma-separated attribute list)
+  abandon, cancel (SIGINT sends abandon/cancel; not really controls)
+Search extensions:
+  [!]domainScope                               (domain scope)
+  [!]mv=<filter>                               (matched values filter)
+  [!]pr=<size>[/prompt|noprompt]       (paged results/prompt)
+  [!]subentries[=true|false]           (subentries)
+  [!]sync=ro[/<cookie>]                        (LDAP Sync refreshOnly)
+          rp[/<cookie>][/<slimit>]     (LDAP Sync refreshAndPersist)
 .BI \-l \ timelimit
 wait at most \fItimelimit\fP seconds for a search to complete.
 A timelimit of