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(ITS#4358) problems with back-perl

Full_Name: Kevine Zerbib
Version: 2.3.18
OS: Debian Sarge
URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/Kevine-Zerbib-060120.patch
Submission from: (NULL) (

using back-perl, we find two issues in openldap last release (2.3.18) concerning
this backend.

The first issue concern the process of perl interpretor initialisation within
this backend. The interpreter was not initialized at all, and that leads us to a
core dump. 

This probleme occurs because during the backend initialisation, the function
perl_back_db_config is called via be_config BEFORE perl_back_open.

This problem has been solved modifying
<openldap-src>/servers/slapd/back-perl/init.c and
We changed the bi_open's reference to perl_back_open by replacing it with a
'NULL' value, and integrate the function into perl_back_initialize.

A diff file has been produce and is join to this message.

The second issue concern the process of finding the appropriate interpreter
while executing perl code within a thread. This issue leads the programm to
a core dump because, within a thread, it is unable to find a proper perl
interpreter to execute.

We just add a define condition to the statement  "PERL_SET_CONTEXT(
PERL_INTERPRETER );" so it can be considered while using ITHREAD in

A diff file has been produce and is join to this message.

We hope that will help.