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RE: (ITS#4355) slapd crash

>From: Howard Chu [mailto:hyc@symas.com] 

>Yes, most likely a ppolicy bug. Fro mthe backtrace, can you do:
>    frame 4
>    print *desc

(gdb) frame 4
#4  0x0005b48c in attr_merge (e=0xf7ffeeb0, desc=0x390800,
    nvals=0x0) at attr.c:210
210                     assert( ( nvals == NULL && (*a)->a_nvals ==
(*a)->a_vals )
(gdb) print *desc
$1 = {ad_next = 0x0, ad_type = 0x391188, ad_cname = {bv_len = 14,
    bv_val = 0x3c3a00 "pwdFailureTime"}, ad_tags = {bv_len = 0, bv_val =
  ad_flags = 0}


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